Team Development

We believe that now more than ever the success of any organisation will be heavily influenced by how well the people within it work effectively together.
On the whole our approach is experiential. This means we provide the knowledge, tools and hands on opportunity for your team members to work together in a safe environment. They then review, evaluate and move on to the next practical application with new insights, improving their performance in incremental steps.

The result? A potential High Performing Team.


Team-based organizations are now the norm


of Fortune 500 companies are building at least partially team-based organizations.

...But teams are not functioning as efficiently or effectively as they could be


of teams fail to achieve their Goals


Creating and managing teams is still:
  • Viewed as an art, not a science
  • Focused at the individual level, not group
  • Conducted haphazardly (creating team “musical chairs”)
  • Hindered by weak team leadership


Due to:
  • Turnover
  • Lost productivity
  • Por employee engagement
  • Conflict

Does your team have the skills it needs to succeed?

Five most common workplace behaviors that impact performance


Does the individual tend to connect quickly or not as quickly with others?


What is the individual’s comfort level with risk?

Team Participation

Does the individual tend to be more task-oriented or people-oriented?

Taking action

Is the individual more proactive or responsive when it comes to taking action?


Does the individual prefer to delegate or be delegated to in a formal or informal manner?

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