Leadership Pipeline Implementation

Praendex Management Resources is a Certified Partner for the Leadership Pipeline Institute® in India.


About Leadership Pipeline Institute:

With Stephen Drotter, author of The Leadership Pipeline and The Performance Pipeline, as Chairman, Leadership Pipeline Institute is the official research institute and leading global provider of solutions based on the two pipeline books, which have sold more than 250,000 copies around the world.

The Leadership Pipeline institute is:
  • The leading global provider of Leadership Pipeline solutions to private and public organizations
  • The leading organization for research within the Leadership Pipeline arena
  • The global "magnet" for everyone with an interest in the Leadership Pipeline concept and how it is applied
How we add value:
  • We support you in increasing your execution power by building a leadership-powered company based on accountability
  • We support you in turning your organization into a talent factory with constant availability of ready-now talent
  • We support you in creating a competitive people strategy that can evolve into a commercial competitive advantage


  • Significantly improves the execution power of your company by building a leadership powered culture saturated by accountability
  • Provides the leadership infrastructure that can uniquely help your organization become a talent factory
  • Supports you in building a leadership architecture that can turn your people strategy into a commercial competitive edge
Work Values

Your team’s success is your success. Focusing on their development, coaching them, and partnering with them are your key priorities.

Time Application

If you have the right work values in place, you will prioritize the things that help your team grow and succeed.


In order to be an effective leader, you must be a good communicator, collaborator and coach. This requires a commitment to ongoing skill development.

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For more than 20 years, Praendex Management Resources has helped companies gain competitive advantage by improving the way they manage talent. Our services combine science, technology and knowledge. They’re globally proven and bring about the desired impact helping our clients to improve top line and bottom line results. We engage with our clients as long-term partners and help them to bring about major transformation in their people practices.

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