Coaching & Employee Development

In most organizations, talent development investments are restricted to the executive level, while first- and second level leaders are largely left underserved. For these future leaders, the essential practice of coaching — helping the individual clarify and move toward a specified goal, higher level of job performance, improved state of being, or other positive outcome — can increase employee satisfaction, improve communication, and reinforce other forms of learning. A coaching process that employs specific, progressive steps can help future leaders reach their full potential.

More Than


Two - Thirds of
leadership development investments are
targeted at Executives



goes towards the development of
first-and second-level leaders
- Bersin


Our Coaching Process

Our proven coaching process has five stages — Enroll, Envision, Establish, Execute, and Evaluate. Throughout this process, coaches work with coachees to increase self-awareness, define and commit to target objectives, construct plans, develop potential options, and be personally accountable for making the necessary changes required to achieve the coaching objectives.

How will it benefit you:

Coaching is a powerful medium for delivering business benefits when it is effectively woven within the fabric of your organisation. Coaching can accelerate performance and complement all manner of learning and development interventions in your organisation:

  • Change initiatives – Achieve more with your available resources
  • The leading organization for research within the Leadership Pipeline arena
  • Strengthen leadership capability
  • Improve performance management
  • Increase levels of customer service
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Develop innovation and competitive advantage
  • Improve sales and market share
  • Retain your top talent
  • Increase revenue and profit

About Our Executive Coaches

We don’t just provide our assessments and leave you to figure out how to use them—we become your long-term partner, coaching you through the entire process, enabling you to apply our tools in various ways.

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    Our coaches bring years of experience to the table.
    Many are retired senior leaders or CEOs who are now dedicated to helping other leaders succeed.
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    Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds.
    This is so we can match you up with the coach who is best for your industry, company size and personal needs.
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    Our coaches build relationships.
    When you work together, they will become a trusted confidant and sounding board, willing to have tough conversations.
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    Our coaches are certified.
    They have the tools and skills to help leaders thrive.

About Praendex Management Resources

For more than 20 years, Praendex Management Resources has helped companies gain competitive advantage by improving the way they manage talent. Our services combine science, technology and knowledge. They’re globally proven and bring about the desired impact helping our clients to improve top line and bottom line results. We engage with our clients as long-term partners and help them to bring about major transformation in their people practices.

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