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We’re talent acquisition consultants with a team of team of professionals highly committed to enhancing organizational performance through quality talent acquisition.
We engage with the best in the industry; headhunting for multi-domain expertise. From bringing in fresh talent to experienced mavericks, Praendex Management Resources makes sure all your staffing needs are met. Our databases are highly reliable, dependable and up to date.

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Do you know the impact of wrong hiring?

As much as


of employee turnover
is due to bad hiring decisions.
- Harvard Business Review

The average cost of a bad hiring
decision can equal


of the first year’s potential earnings
- The U.S. Department of Labor

In 2013,


Two Thirds of U.S employers
said bad hires negatively affected business.
2013 CareerBuilder Survey

A bad hire can set a company
back anywhere from


- National Business Research Institute


of Companies reported
bad hires caused negative effects on
employee morale
- Harris Interactive Research


of Business reported
lost time due to recruiting and training
a replacement for a bad hire.
- Harris Interactive Research


It costs

executive-search-8replace a salaried employee,
executive-search-9 to replace a mid-level employee, andexecutive-search-10 to replace a senior executive
- Recruiting Times

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For more than 20 years, Praendex Management Resources has helped companies gain competitive advantage by improving the way they manage talent. Our services combine science, technology and knowledge. They’re globally proven and bring about the desired impact helping our clients to improve top line and bottom line results. We engage with our clients as long-term partners and help them to bring about major transformation in their people practices.

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