Talent Optimization

Talent optimization is a new discipline business leaders can use to align their people with their business strategy. It’s the best way to boost productivity, build a winning culture, and create the flexibility your company needs to adapt to change over time. Ready to learn more about talent optimization? Begin by understanding the framework.

1. Diagnose

IIn part two of talent optimization, you’ll create and evolve your talent strategy.

  • Select your organization’s structure
  • Evaluate your leadership team fit
  • Understand senior team dynamics
  • Establish your culture
2. Design

In part one of talent optimization, you’ll measure and analyze your people data then prescribe improvement actions.

  • Measure what matters
  • Analyze the evidence
  • Prescribe improvement actions
3. Hire

In part three of talent optimization, you’ll hire top talent and build high-performing teams.

  • Define and communicate job requirements
  • Equip your leaders to land top talent
  • Equip your leaders to land top talent
  • Determine candidate cultural fit
4. Inspire

In part four of talent optimization, you’ll focus on employee-oriented activities.

  • Create new jobs and career paths
  • Develop your leaders
  • Create high-performing teams.
  • Reinforce your culture

To learn more about talent optimization, visit www.talentoptimization.org

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