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Becoming the "Preferred Place to Work"
WNS Global Services is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that employs over 9,000 highly trained/skilled professionals across its off-shore global delivery centers in India and Sri Lanka. Established in 1996, WNS's service offerings include a wide range of transaction-based processes and voice processes focusing on the travel, insurance, financial services, enterprise services and knowledge services. WNS Global Services manages and operates business processes for leading global companies.

Since 2002, when WNS became an offshore, third party BPO service provider, the employee strength has grown more than four times. Given the growth of the ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) industry in India, WNS is poised for significant growth in the coming years.
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There was not a single case where PI® did not accurately describe each individual’s workplace behavior.
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The success of their business relies heavily on the company’s ability to meet the constant demand for qualified, new employees with sound web-domain expertise to service this expanding business. This is particularly true for the Customer Service Associate (CSA) position. The challenge is intensified by two key factors: significant competition for available candidates and relatively high level of attrition in the industry. With the Human Resource department interviewing over 10,000 applicants a year, the management at WNS knew that they had to find an efficient and accurate way to assure the best job fit with the new hires. Even more important, WNS knew it was critical to implement an employee development program that would help them retain their existing talent. Addressing these issues would certainly earn them “preferred place to work” status, invaluable in recruiting and retaining talented employees.

WNS invested in the Predictive Index® (PI®) realizing the value of this behavioral assessment tool to the organization. The decision was made to use the Predictive Index® at the Human Resource level for recruiting and at the Leadership level for growth and development.

Twenty-five Human Resource managers were trained in the Predictive Index®. With the support of their PI® consultant, PI® job profiles (PRO) were developed for key positions including Customer Service Associate. WNS refined their recruitment process to include the administration of PI® immediately after the preliminary screening of applicants. The PI® results were then forwarded to the Human Resource and Line managers for use during the interview process.
PI® was introduced to senior managers and to the line managers, who typically manage between 100 and 200 customer service associates. The instant reaction was positive. Many of the line managers requested that PI® be administered to their teams to help them understand the group dynamic and individual drives of team members, improve communication and enhance overall team performance. “There was not a single case where PI® did not accurately describe each individual’s workplace behavior.”

The results from implementing the Predictive Index® were immediately impressive. Hiring levels for the CSA position skyrocketed by over 3 times over a 6 months period. The attrition rate for the hires made during that period was reduced significantly - implying a better employee job fit.

The Predictive Index® gives the Human Resource staff at WNS the ability to match the behavioral traits of the employee to the behavioral requirements of a position. This is invaluable not only in the recruitment process, but also for plotting career paths for high potential employees. Due to the company’s tremendous growth, there is a constant demand to advance people within the organization. Recognizing the difference PI® has made at WNS in a short period of time, senior management weighs the knowledge gained from the PI® very heavily, especially for promotions.

By matching employees job responsibilities with their natural behaviors and providing growth opportunities for employees throughout the organization, WNS is fast becoming the preferred “Employer of Choice” with their employees and within the competitive marketplace.

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