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Predictive Index® System : Predictive Leadership SeriesTM

Developing Strategies for Success
Companies that use the Predictive index® to full advantage actively encourage employees to take charge of their own success. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the Predictive Leadership SeriesTM, a flexible suite of solutions-based workshops tailored by your PI® consultant to meet specific needs. These workshops address such key issues as personal development strategies, people-smart communication, and dealing with conflict.

Enabling workshop participants to see and understand their own behavioral styles -- and how those behaviors impact key workplace relationships -- opens a productive dialogue in which employees can take a personal inventory, determine what they need to get the job done successfully, and develop long-term strategies for success. Every participant leaves with a detailed personal action plan, as well as the tools to accomplish their goals.

Inviting Long-Term Loyalty
Your employees will benefit from learning how they can take ownership of their growth within the organization. Your organization will benefit from effective, productive people who are achieving personal success, with a better understanding of their own contribution to the company's growth and profitability.

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Predictive Leadership SeriesTM
+ Personal Development Strategies
+ Setting the Right Goals
+ Leading vs. Managing
+ Building Teams
+ Resolving Conflict
+ Coaching Strategies
+ "People-Smart" Communications
+ Predictive Selection and Interviewing
+ Predictive Selling
+ Empowering Your Organization
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Influence Skills Assessment ToolTM (ISAT).
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The Rainsoft Company
“I can’t imagine running our company-owned dealerships without the Predictive index®. The results we have enjoyed would not have been possible.”
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