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Predictive index, people smart results driven, improve performance business, PI<sup>®</sup>, automobile sales associates, learn PI<sup>®</sup> worldwide, Predictive index, services
Predictive Index® System : PI® Case Studies

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American River HealthPro Credit Union
“Everyone on our team trusts the value of PI®. We really did not have that before. And the difference is amazing.”
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Predictive index,® people smart results driven improve performance business learn PI<sup>®</sup> worldwide company
Automobile Sales Associates
The top performing sales associates sold more than three times as many automobiles over a four-month period than the bottom performers.
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  Predictive index,® people smart results driven improve performance business learn PI<sup>®</sup> worldwide  
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The Rainsoft Company
“I can’t imagine running our company-owned dealerships without the Predictive Index®. The results we have enjoyed would not have been possible.”
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