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Deal Effectively with Conflict
Ask most managers where they spend most of their, so-called, non-productive time, and most will answer, "Dealing with people issues!"

Differences and disagreements are a natural part of working together. In a healthy organization, where there are appropriate channels and ways of expressing differences, a certain amount of disagreement - or "conflict" - is energizing and often creative. However, when differences lead to personal confrontation, inappropriate aggression, or intolerably high levels of tension, something must be done to mitigate the tension and redirect the behaviors of those involved. This is the job of the manager, often in partnership with an HR professional.

PI® is a source of information that can be a very powerful tool in helping to resolve conflict. By looking at the patterns of those involved, the manager can gain an objective understanding of similarities and differences in the people that may contribute to the underlying cause of the difficulties. She or he can also use PI® to help design a way to approach the situation that will be most acceptable to, and effective with, the people involved.

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St Mary Medical Center
“I have used behavioral assessments in various applications for almost thirty years and I have not found a more reliable, easier to use, workplace-friendly instrument with wider applications than the PI®.”
Bank of the Sierra
“The Predictive Index® is a confidence builder. Relying on your experience and intuition is not enough. PI® gives you an insight that you cannot get any other way. It gives you something tangible.”
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“PI® has improved communication between managers. It has helped put all of us on the same page when it comes to managing our people and reduces the stress usually associated with solving employee performance issues.”

-- Steve Peterson, Vice President Operations, Lumbermen’s, Inc
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