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attract the best candidates, selection structured process, motivate your people, understand own communication style, PI, predictive index productivity
Attract the Best Candidates
Most of our clients use PI® as the cornerstone of their selection process. Many have also found it helpful in fine-tuning their recruitment strategies. By using PI® to better target candidates, they maximize their productivity. The key to this lies in understanding that PI® measures motivating needs in people. Put another way, it measures the kinds of stimulus to which an individual is most likely to respond positively. So, by making sure your external communications contain a greater number of those stimulating ideas, you may increase your odds of attracting candidates who more closely match your needs.

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attract the best candidates, selection structured process, motivate your people, understand own communication style, PI, predictive index productivity, company
“Everyone on our team trusts the value of PI®. We really did not have that before. And the difference is amazing.”
Clifton Gunderson LLP
"The Predictive Index® allowed Clifton Gunderson to integrate the two firms as quickly as possible, resulting in a culture of open communication, high trust and highest morale. This in turn results in a high performance team that we will retain."
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Hospitality / Restaurants / District Manager
700% increase over sales targets
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Build Strong Teams
Define Job Requirements
Attract the Best Candidates
Select & Hire the Right People
Plan for Future Growth
Develop Your People
Deal Effectively with Conflict
Motivate Your People
Retain Valuable Employees
“The PI® helps us get the right people in the right positions, and this has led to many positive changes.”

-- Dawn Rumney, Senior VP of HR, South Carolina Federal Credit Union

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