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Predictive Index® Performance Snapshot
Validity Study / Quantitative Results
Industry : Retail – Automobile Dealerships
Position : Automobile Sales Associates
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The top performing sales associates sold more than three times as many automobiles over a four-month period than the bottom performers.

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Criteria: This statistical analysis is based upon a PI® validity study conducted with 94 sales associates. PI® validity studies are designed to determine the statistical connections between PI® profiles and superior job performance. The quantitative measurement criterion is based on average number of automobiles sold over a four-month period in 2007.

The client company is a large automobile retailer with multiple dealership locations throughout the U.S, selling imported, domestic and luxury brands.

Sales associates are responsible for understanding the features and characteristics of the new automobiles and sharing this knowledge with potential customers, resulting in a sale.

The results of the PI® analysis indicate that sales associates with superior sales performance are statistically differentiated by their Higher A Factors (Dominance), Higher B Factors (Extroversion), Lower C Factors (Patience) and Lower D Factors (Formality). These top sales performers are confident and persuasive in guiding the sales process towards reaching their goal (a sale) and are eager to keep the process moving along as quickly as possible. They independently and proactively utilize persuasion, not pressure, to close a deal and are skillful with the emotional aspects of the sale; connecting with prospects on an interpersonal level. Flexible and adaptable, they will rely on the ability to think on their feet (for example, when addressing potential customer objections) and will find their own way rather than following an established process. When interacting with prospects, they are more adept at selling intangibles such as ideas or concepts than technical or detailed product specifications. For example, they would spend more time discussing how an automobile brand or model makes a prospect feel (safe? high-status? cool?, etc.) than reviewing how the automobile’s braking system works. Driving, competitive and ambitious, they are comfortable with time pressures, accountabilities and deadlines (such as monthly sales quotas) and thrive in environments that feature a fast pace, variety and independent control of their own activities (such as wide latitude when offering prospects various financing options, etc.)

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