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Predictive Index® Performance Snapshot
Validity Study / Quantitative Results
Industry: Retail
Position: Sales Managers
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The top sales managers achieved on average over 35% sales growth than did the bottom sales managers, with an annual sales growth variance of over $316,000.

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Criteria: This statistical analysis is based on a PI® validity study conducted with 255 sales managers. PI® Validity Studies are designed to determine the statistical connections between PI® profiles and superior job performance. Quantitative Measurement Criteria is based upon sales growth over a one year period.

The client company owns and manages nearly three hundred eyewear stores that sell and service contact lenses, prescription eyewear and sunglasses.

Sales managers are responsible for the sales growth and profitability of their stores, developing sales associates, and providing high-quality customer service.

The result of the PI® analysis indicates the top retail sales managers are primarily differentiated by their relatively Higher A Factors, which reflects dominance. The top performers are more assertive, innovative and competitive. These superior-performing sales managers are relatively adept at thinking strategically and creatively, and are always on the look-out for new ways to grow their business. They enjoy the rivalry of outperforming the competition. The slightly Lower Factor C suggests these top performers are better able to juggle many different priorities, keeping multiple projects moving simultaneously. They are impatient with routines and the mundane.

These sales managers are more resistant to authority, need their freedom and autonomy, and like to do things their "own way" with a minimum of interference. They are more concerned with the accomplishment of goals and objectives than with the detailed processes used to achieve them.

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