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'Clustered' to predict - Despite the technology onslaught, 'people' continue to be at the core of an organization's personality. Jyotsna Atre finds that Predictive Index®, a recent appraisal technique, comes handy if an organization wants to give its employees what their due.
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Mr. Venkatesh Desai
In today's competitive world businesses find it very critical to source, retain and motivate their most important assets, the people. A vital process in all the three stages is to know the person as accurately as possible- a challenging task given the very complex nature of human beings. But there are techniques to help in this process. Praendex Inc, a US-based management resource organization has recently introduced Predictive Index® (PI®), a personality measurement tool, in India.

PI® is essentially a simple checklist of adjectives, developed in 1954 by late Arnold Daniels, a behavioural psychologist and founder of Praendex Inc. These adjectives are "clusters" of words, to which persons with certain predominant personality traits will consistently respond. The pattern that emerges from this choice of adjectives, maps the dominant and nascent drives, energy levels and self concept of the individual and indicates the behavioral traits e.g. aggressive, persuasive etc., that are then studied by analysts.

Praendex Inc. has over 45,000 trained analysts in 75 countries across the globe. They are trained at exclusive workshops to read into PI® patterns and relate the data to situations in their offices.
Says Venkatesh Desai, MD-Praendex Management Resources (India), "People are an invaluable asset to any business entity. Organizations, whether a public sector company, a small scale industry, corporate house or MNC, all experience people problem at some point."

"People problems " could range from high employee turnover rates in the software industry to low performance levels of sales teams in a marketing outfit. With the information offered by the PI® patterns, managers can resolve key-issues like raising performance levels or team building.

Satish Tandon, MD, Alfa Laval says, " PI® is an effective tool to better understand the employee needs and enable the managers to take right decisions for their development and keep up the motivation levels. We are thus able to build and retain an effective and high performing work force.

PI® has wide range of flexible applications, beginning with the entry-point recruitment of a candidate " by matching his profile to the job requirement and the organizational culture "to" matching the individual's career plans to organizational goals." For example, the persuasive, persistent and stubborn determination of lower D type individual, coupled with similar drives indicates an inclination towards a sales and marketing career. Placing him in a position where he is most likely to succeed means increased efficiency and productivity, lowering of costs and definite reduction in employee turnover.

According to Vivek Vibhute ,Vice President, Personnel, Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd," PI® helps in matching motivation levels in employees with the right job profile. It has helped me identify employees who can provide constructive leadership for teamwork, which is the fabric of the Kirloskar culture.

"Better understanding of and between people means an increased communication flow in the work environment and reduction in stress levels. This lead to enhanced productivity and provides the company with a competitive edge", says Venkatesh Desai. In less than 8 months since it began operations in India, from its Pune based office, Praendex has acquired clients like Thermax Group of companies, Alfa Laval Agri, Maersk, Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd, Natelco, Tetra Laval etc. It already has offices in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Internationally, Praendex Inc. has over 10,000 clients, including names like Motorola, Electrolux AB, Ramada Chain of hotels, Volvo,Siemens SA, etc. to its credit. In India, it has focused its vision on implementing " good work practices and creating a better work environment for the employees " to ensure that " the Indian companies survive the onslaught of the MNCs, by retaining their competitive
edge their employees."
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“I can’t imagine running our company-owned dealerships without the Predictive Index®. The results we have enjoyed would not have been possible.”
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