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Influence Skills Assessment ToolTM (ISAT)

Influence Skills for Maximum Impact

PI Worldwide's® Influence Skills Assessment ToolTM (ISAT) examines 25 key aspects of influence clustered into five key areas. ISAT gives the participant insight into their influence strengths and areas of growth to increase their overall effectiveness. ISAT is ideal for those who need to provide ideas, projects and solutions to others and influence their acceptance of each them. Applicable for managers and individual contributors at all levels; ISAT provides concrete data on the universal business skill - influence.

The ISAT measures influence skills in five key areas:
  • Building trust and credibility
  • Understanding the situation & specific needs
  • Presenting ideas and articulating their value
  • Handling objections and gaining agreement
  • Creating long-term relationships with effective positioning

Delivered in an easy-to-administer online survey, the ISAT provides information at the individual, group, and company level. Combined with the powerful insights of the Predictive Index® (PI®), leaders and individual contributors can put strategies into action for peak performance and maximum reach.

Contact PI Worldwide today to find out how your organization can leverage influence data in ISAT for increased business results now and into the future.

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