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What is the Predictive Index®?
PI® Management Resources™ uses the Predictive Index® (PI®) to help companies gain a competitive edge and to help managers more effectively lead their organizations. Based on proven behavioral science techniques, the PI® pinpoints traits that make employees understandable and predictable. It also enables managers to measure an individual’s drives and behaviors to determine how the person would perform in a specific job and interact with others. Available in more than 50 languages, the PI® is used by more than 2,800 large and small businesses around the world.

What is the purpose of PI®?

PI® serves two main purposes:
First, PI® provides objective, reliable, and valid information to decision makers to assist them in developing motivated, productive organizations of talented people. With PI®, managers gain a much clearer understanding of the motivating drives of people. With that information in hand, managers trained in PI® can better understand how an individual will respond to and perform his or her job responsibilities. Managers trained in PI® can best position a person for success and better support and develop each individual in his or her charge.

Second, the PI® Management Workshop, in which managers learn to read and apply the PI® information, is a highly effective forum for developing the leadership skills of those participating. With that experience and the knowledge gained through PI®, managers are better prepared to provide appropriate and effective leadership to their teams.

How Can The Business Benefit From Using the Predictive Index®?
The information obtained from the PI® can be applied to improve many areas of business, including:

Teamwork—A successful business depends on strong overall teams, but getting people to work as a team is a tremendous challenge. The PI® can be used to help you put together balanced teams and make sure each player has the skills and training needed to contribute to team success.
Leadership—In today’s business environment, leaders need to articulate a clear vision and inspire others to follow this course. The Predictive Index® can help identify and develop leaders, enhancing leadership styles and improving communication.
Management—The best managers are made, not born. With the Predictive Index®, managers are better equipped with the insight they need to communicate with employees to get results.
Job Satisfaction—Since job satisfaction and customer satisfaction are closely entwined, it is more important than ever to have the right person in the right job. PI® can help make sure that employee morale and commitment stay high.
Productivity—Time is money and the company that works most efficiently stands to grow most profitably. With PI®, managers know more about the way people work and how to maximize productivity.
Recruitment/Selection—Many candidates. One job. PI® can help make sure the right decision is made, reducing costly turnover.
Strategic Planning—Where is the company headed? How will you get there? Who will drive the initiatives? PI® can show you how to match individual skills and future company needs.

Who should use the PI®?
Selected managers are trained by PI® Management Resources to interpret results of the PI® in an executive training workshop conducted by an experienced consultant. Participants are taught how to read and analyze the information provided by the PI® to understand and manage their companies more effectively. PI® Management Resources offers continuing support and consultation to managers trained in the use of the PI®.

How is the PI® Administered?
The PI® is based on a simple, questionnaire that can generally be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. Results are quickly tabulated on site. The specific instructions for administering PI® are attached. In general, it is administered in a relatively quiet, comfortable setting. If administered to groups, it should be monitored to assure that each individual completes his or her own form without influence from other people.

Who should be trained in PI® and why?
Those managers who have direct responsibility for hiring, developing, motivating and coaching people at all levels of the organization would benefit greatly by using PI®. The PI® information provides input to those managers that can be used in every decision they make regarding job and organization design, and in the selection, development, coaching, and promoting of individuals.

In addition, the Human Resource professionals who work most closely with the line managers in these decisions would also benefit from the PI® information. In this way, those professionals are better able to partner with and support the managers in making those critical decisions. Having both the line managers and HR professionals “reading from the same page” greatly enhances the effectiveness and productivity of the recruitment, selection and development processes.

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